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I started my own business so I could help small businesses that don't have the multi-million dollar budgets. I want to bring in my years of corporate knowledge, along with my love of small businesses, to create a marketing strategy that works for any business. 

My goal is to teach people the importance of digital marketing so they can succeed online.

I liked this topic so much that I went to school for it -- twice. I have a degree in Advertising and a Master's in Data Marketing Communications. Google Analytics is my best friend and that's not an exaggeration. We're inseparable best buds.

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I am completely helpless when it comes to anything with marketing analytics and Melissa explains everything so clearly.

Even before I hired her to help me she already had so many great tips and ideas that were so beneficial!


Hiring her has given me so much of my time back so I can focus on expanding my business.

Melissa has already taken a huge workload off my plate.

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